Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Is the prediction of a super volcano eruption fiction or reality?

A month ago, The Malay Mail reported that a professor from Monash University’s School of Geosciences in Australia had said that Indonesians faced the prospect of a “super volcano” eruption that would dwarf all previous catastrophes.

Professor Ray Cas, an Australian expert, said the world’s biggest super volcano was Lake Toba, on Indonesia’s island of Sumatra, site of both the recent massive earthquakes.He had said that Toba sits on a faultline running down the middle of Sumatra – just where some seismologists say a third earthquake might strike following the 9.0 magnitude quake on Dec 26, 2004 and 8.7 on March 28 this year.

Cas had said that super volcanos represented the greatest potential hazard on earth, “the only greater threat being an asteroid impact from space”.“It could be in a few, 50 or another 1,000 years but sooner or later one is going to go off.”

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