Friday, May 13, 2005

Valles Caledera a threat or not?

Valles Caldera not the highest threat for volcano eruptions. Posted by Hello

The US Geological Survey ranks northern New Mexico's Valles Caldera as a moderate threat for an eruption.

The 14-mile-wide volcanic bowl is in the Jemez Mountains.

The Geological Survey ranks the caldera 65th for volcanic hazards among the 169 US volcanos evaluated in the agency's most recent study.

John Ewert is a volcanologist with the Cascades Volcano Observatory in Washington.
He says the caldera isn't ranked as a higher threat because it hasn't shown any recent signs of activity or unrest that could indicate an imminent eruption.

But he says it is possible the caldera would eventually have another eruption.

Retired Los Alamos scientist Fraser Goff says the caldera tends to erupt about once every 100,000 years.

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