Wednesday, June 01, 2005

The only volcano on Barren Island erupts

India's only one volcano on Barren Island in the Andaman started emitting smoke on Friday, defence sources said on Monday.

The Barren Island is about 140 km northeast of Port Blair and is about 3 km in diameter.
A routine Coast guard patrol on Saturday had witnessed the billowing smoke and flame from the volcano in Barren Island. They also found themselves stepping on fresh black lava.
"It was so hot we knew something was wrong. And then we saw the crater spewing red flames. It was the most amazing sight I’ve ever seen," team leader and Coast Guard deputy inspector-general S P S Basra told reporters on Monday.

The team returned with lava samples for geologists.

The last eruptions were recorded in 1994-95 but the island is also remembered for belching lava for six months in 1991. A close watch is being maintained on the island and the Geological Survey of India has already been informed of the volcanic activity.

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