Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Twenty-five years ago...

25 years ago today, 1980: Mount St. Helens was back at it again with a spectacular series of eruptions that hurled ash 11 miles into the air and sent it wafting into Canada. The eruption came as a surprise to scientists who thought the recent lull in the volcano's activity indicated that pressure was being released rather than building up inside.

50 years ago today, 1955: A modern shopping center costing in excess of $1 million was being proposed for the Urbandale area by a Kalamazoo developer. A supermarket would be the major unit in the center.

100 years ago today, 1905: A new $3,000 brick chimney at the Nichols And Shepard plant was completed. It was a lofty affair, towering 125 feet in the air, and was 11 feet at the base, seven feet at the crest.

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