Monday, August 29, 2005

Krakatau volcano makes history!

Krakatau volcano is still active today. Posted by Picasa

Aug. 27, 1883: On this day Krakatau, a small, uninhabited island in Indonesia, exploded in the most powerful volcanic eruption in recorded history. Volcanic activity began on May 20 and on Aug. 26 stronger, more violent eruptions began. On Aug. 27 four giant explosions occurred, blowing away the northern two-thirds of the island and causing 120-foot tidal waves that killed 36,000 inhabitants of the nearby islands of Java and Sumatra.

The explosive eruptions were heard 2,000 miles away in Australia. Ash was propelled to a height of 50 miles. The fine dust from the eruptions drifted around the earth, causing breathtaking sunsets and dropping the world temperature by a degree. Krakatau is still an active volcano today.

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