Saturday, April 29, 2006

After 40 years of silence, a volcano in Peru wakes up!

Ubinas volcano in southern Peru had been inactive for almost forty years, however in February it began spewing gas and smoke. After weeks of eruptions, during which scientists observed the action, but local residents refused to leave the area, instead donning masks for themselves and their livestock, the latest eruption changed the situation.

After "Ubinas — about 470 miles southeast of the capital, Lima — spewed acid-laden ash and vapors into the air, killing livestock and causing eye and respiratory problems for nearby residents," Peru Evacuates Village Near Volcan (AP).

Aid sent to Peru volcano evacuees (BBC news): "So far no human lives have been reported lost, but llamas and alpacas have died from eating grass exposed to volcanic pollutants.
Peru's Institute of Geophysics has warned that a dome of incandescent lava seems to be building up in the crater."

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