Saturday, April 29, 2006

Imminent eruptions or not, people refuse to leave home

The volcanoes - Ubinas in Peru, South America, and Mount Merapi in Java, Indonesia - have been on the brink of blowing their tops for several weeks.

Many of the people who live near them are poor farmers and they don't want to leave their homes and animals.

Some people who have been moved out are returning by day to feed their animals.

Peru has been sending tonnes of aid - including tents, water, powder milk and bottles for babies - to people who have been moved from the area surrounding Ubinas.

Two hundred families have been evacuated, but a further 7,000 are thought to be in danger.
In Java, 600 people have been evacuated, but an estimated 14,000 live on the slopes surrounding Mount Merapi.

"To mobilise people is difficult because they are going on with their daily lives," said an official.
"Some were still even milking their cows."

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