Saturday, April 22, 2006

Volcano's activity do not scare tourists away from Tanzania!

Not scared of travel advisory and warnings by wildlife conservationists in Tanzania’s famous Ngorongoro Conservation Area, tourists are flocking near the just erupted volcanic mount Oldonyo Lengai.

The only active volcano in Tanzania, Mount Oldonyo Lengai burst into flames few days ago and prompted tourist officials in the area issuing travel advisory warning tourists not to camp or visit the mountain base in fear of more volcanic activity.But tourists are happy to see such a natural phenomenon with full alert, said local tour operators from Tanzania’s northern tourist city of Arusha.Mount Oldonyo Lengai has attracted curious tourists with thirst to see volcanic eruptions and the spewed molten lava on its foothills.

The mountain’s volcano erupted twice during night hours days before Easter.Ngorongoro Conservation Area is World Heritage Site with unique geographical features blended with natural scenery, wildlife, the Maasai cultures and various archaeological sites where remains of the earliest man on earth were excavated.It is the home to about 42,000 Maasai pastoralists and over 25,000 African wildlife. The area is one among Tanzania’s leading tourist sites where wildlife and people share the same land.

Chief Conservator for Ngorongoro Emmanuel Chausi said no injuries were reported during the two reported eruptions, but it was a wise idea to advise both foreign and local visitors to keep away from the 370,000 year-old mountain.At least six villages occupied mostly by nomadic Maasai herdsmen were rocked by red-hot landslide, spewing scalding fumes and lava covering a big area on the mountain slopes.Mount Oldonyo Lengai is located about 200 kilometers west of the dormant and sleeping volcanic Mount Kilimanjaro – the highest peak in Africa and which geologists had predicted of possible volcanic eruptions.

Both the two mountains are tourist frequented hot-spots located in Tanzania’s northern tourist circuit.Recent eruptions were in sequence of other volcanic activities in the mountain with last eruption recorded to occur in 1983 after several and worst eruptions observed for a number of months in 1917 and 1926 while the 1940 incidence left a wide area devastated.Located inside the Eastern Rim of the Great African Rift Valley, Mount Oldonyo Lengai is a fascinating active volcano in the world because of its natrocorbonatite lava or highly fluid lava with no silicon elements in its natural contents.

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