Friday, June 23, 2006

Four volcanoes ready to explose!

FOUR volcanos either spewed steam and ash or recorded high-frequency earthquakes yesterday, prompting scientists to say that three of them could erupt in coming days.

Seismologists detected two high-frequency earthquakes around Bulusan in Sorsogon. But they said its steaming activity was weak to moderate, with the highest reaching 150 meters before drifting northwest.

Mt. Kanlaon’s ejection of steam and ash happened between 5:25 and 5:40 a.m., and the steam rose as high as 800 meters above the crater before drifting southwest.

Seismologists detected 11 high-frequency earthquakes on Taal Volcano, which ejected steam that rose about 10 meters high.

Mayon Volcano had 12 high-frequency and 17 low-frequency jolts, and its steaming activity was weak to moderate, seismologists said.

But they did not discount a major explosion in the coming days as they warned people leaving within the 4-km radius around Bulusan, Kanlaon, and Taal, where Alert Level 1 was still in effect, to be extra careful.

Alert Level 1 was also in affect around Mayon, where people are not allowed within a radius of 6 km.

Scientists warned residents near the four volcanos not to approach the permanent-danger zones as a result of the continuing threat of steam-driven explosions and rock falls.

In Quezon City, the Local Water Utilities Administration urged the water districts
in Bicol and Sorsogon to prepare to secure water sources and facilities in case of a major eruption.

“We have been monitoring developments in Bulusan and Mayon, and we are in constant contact with the water district authorities there,” Daniel Landingin, the state-run agency’s acting administrator, said in a statement.

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