Thursday, December 07, 2006

Russian volcano's activity was recorded

A growing seismic activity has been registered at Bezymyanny Volcano on Russia’s Kamchatka peninsula, a source from the regional affiliate of the Russian Academy of Sciences’ geophysical service reported on Monday.

Clouds of gas and steam have risen up to 700 meters over its top. A weak thermal anomaly of minus 17 degrees Celsius has been registered on the volcano with temperatures in the region standing at minus 29 degrees.

Specialists keep monitoring the situation. So far there are no grounds to say the volcano is getting ready for an eruption, but such a possibility is not ruled out, the source told Tass.

Bezymyanny is one of 28 active volcanoes on the peninsula. Its height is 2,800 meters above the sea level. Eruptions of the volcano happen one to two times a year, and can last from several hours to several days. Over the past few years, scientists have managed to predict the periods of its activity.

The most powerful eruption of the volcano so far happened in 1956, when the volcano, 3,080 meters high at the time, ejected within a short period of time one cubic kilometer of volcanic material and became 280 meters shorter.

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