Sunday, July 01, 2007

Mud volcano's eruption is unstoppable

Since May 2006, more than 15,000 people in the Sidoarjo district of Java have been displaced by the hot mud flowing from a natural gas well being drilled by Lapindo Brantas, an oil well company. While some scientists have speculated that the earthquake that struck Yogyakarta two days before the well erupted may have cracked the ground, others have suggested that the company’s drilling procedure was faulty.

Some 125,00 cubic metres of hot mud continue to erupt every day. Scientists suggest that the eruption may be a mud volcano impossible to stop.

The Company smelled gas in Sidoarjo,licked its lips,whetted the borehole,and forced its fist through the county’s reserveuntil it came:eruptingfrom the bowels of the earth a geyser of mud gushing fromand by now become Sidoarjo: no villages buta stinking tsunami, no paddies butsteaming pools of mud, no hatcheries butglowing mud tributaries, no one butthis immortal volcano of mudmonster released, relentless blobthe Company calls a naturaldisaster: the island'sfault.

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