Thursday, August 02, 2007

Zanu volcano still active

The 44 years of existence of Zanu (with or without PF) has been characterized by what the late UZ Professor of Political Science Masipula Sithole coined as “Struggles within the Struggle”. These are basically reflected by countless internal assassinations, squabbles, divisions, disputes, internal revolts, coups, etc.

Robert Mugabe receiving an Honorary doctorate from a Scottish University in the eighties. The doctorate has since been revoked
Thus, since 1963, Zanu simply resembled a volcano in every form, way, definition and description. Those who know volcanoes very well understand what I mean to say.

Volcanoes are simply natural openings or ruptures in the earth’s crust where red hot molten rock is squeezed out and erupts or explodes on to the surface and flow as lava. They are often located on mountain tops.

Volcanoes are either dormant or active. They are dormant when they are inactive, meaning volcanic activity or eruptions and flow is not being registered or noted during certain specified periods of time. They are active when lava starts exploding and flowing out on the surface of the earth.

This is exactly what characterizes the history of the patriotic party. When President Matibili took over the leadership of Zanu in 1977, it almost became a dormant volcano, thanks to his divide and rule tactics, network of patronage and iron fist rule.

Nonetheless, factors like tribalism. regionalism, nepotism, old age, need to safeguard personal and group interests forever have always kept this volcano boiling, cooling and fuming with pressure ready to explode. The volcano is now very active and dangerous to every living creature and environment in Zimbabwe.

It is now exploding and spilling lava from every point on the mountain top. The countless divisions in Zanu PF simply resemble a multi-cratered volcano. The biggest and most dangerous one is the central crater (President Matibili and RBZ Governor Gideon Gono), followed by other two very active craters namely Rural Housing Minister Emmerson Mnangagwa and Retired Army General Solomon Mujuru.

Other notable and important craters, disguisingly lying dormant, are Speaker of Parliament John Nkomo, Security Minister Dydimus Mutasa, Politburo Members Simba Makoni and Dumiso Dabengwa. National Commissar Eliot Manyika and Sylvester Kasukuwere are other possible eruption points.

This volcano called Zanu PF if not monitored and people not warmed in time shall bring dire consequences to both humanity and the biodiversity. This is a very devastating man made volcano. Come 2008 Zimbabweans need to run away and resettle in safer parts of the nation called MDC.

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