Saturday, September 01, 2007

Deadly volcano eruption in Ethiopia

A volcanic eruption in northeastern Ethiopia killed five people and displaced more than 2000 others, state media reported on Wednesday.

The volcano in the Afar region started spewing lava on 12 August and the eruption lasted for three days. Although the activity has since subsided, locals are still advised to leave the area.

"The volcano has dried and polluted local rivers that has displaced over 2000 people along with their cattle," said Hassan Mohammed, head of the region's disaster prevention agency, cited by the Ethiopian News Agency.

The eruption site is located south of Mount Arteale — which was believed to be Ethiopia's only active volcano — according to the UN humanitarian agency which had sent a team to the region.
Mount Arteale's eruption two years ago caused the displacement of more than 50000 Afar nomads and deaths of hundreds of livestock.

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