Thursday, October 18, 2007

Kamchatka volcano threatens residents with volcano eruption

The Kamchatka volcano Shiveluch located in the north of the peninsula intensifies its activity and threatens with new heavy eruption.

According to RIA Sever DV, lately the volcano Shiveluch activity has increased and a heavy eruption is supposed to occur; it is supposed to be as heavy as the eruption in 2005, when the burning hot lava stream about a kilometer wide and 25 kilometers long erupted from Shiveluch and rushed down its slopes burning everything on its way.

The seismic stations have already registered more than 400 local earthquakes near the volcano. The scientists suppose that some seismic events were accompanied with emissions of gas and ash about four kilometers high.

The eruption of the volcano, 3,3 thousand meters high, began in December, 2006. The massive gas and ash columns rise above its crater from time to time. The volcano is not dangerous for the nearby settlements of the peninsula; however the emissions of ash threaten the aircrafts and melting snow sometimes causes avalanching onto the Kamchatka Territory roads.

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