Saturday, November 17, 2007

Russian volcano lost part of its dome

During the last eruption of the volcano Bezymyanniy at Kamchatka the south-eastern slope of its dome was demolished.

"The analysis of information, received during research of Bezymyanniy held recently showed that the latest eruption of the volcano on November 5 was caused not by movement of scorching magma masses in the entrails of the volcano, but collapse of the slope," the leading research assistant of the Institute of volcanology and seismology of the FEB RAS Aleksey OZEROV reported to the correspondent of RIA Novosti.

According to the scientist, the significant sector of the volcano dome with the total volume of almost 200 thousand cubic meters was demolished. Simultaneously fragment avalanche almost three kilometers long fell down from the slope of the volcano.

In the last years Bezymyanniy was one of the most predictable of 28 acting volcanoes of Kamchatka. Eruptions happened with a permanent interval of 5-6 months and were predicted with high accuracy of probability - up to 100%. And now almost a month passed between eruptions, registered on October 14 and November 5. Activation of the volcano became a complete surprise for the scientists.

"It is possible to establish change of dynamics of eruptions of the volcano Bezymyanniy and necessity of more careful study of its activity," OZEROV thinks.

Bezymyanniy (its height is 2869 meters) is not dangerous for the settlements of the peninsula. At the same time ash loops, saturated with small parts of magma material with the diameter of up to two millimeters, can threaten aviation. The volcanic ashes can cause poisoning of people and animals.

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