Saturday, February 09, 2008

Chilean volcano erupts!

Southern Chilean volcano Llaima began erupting again early Sunday, triggering around 10 earth tremors, but so far there are no reports of deaths or serious injuries.

A 2km river of lava melted glaciers as it flowed down the side of the mountain. Emergency authorities said avalanches were the largest risk posed by the erupting volcano.

Residents of Melipeuco, the village closest to the 3,125-meter-high mountain, were worried about the eruptions intensifying and becoming more dangerous. However, specialists from the Southern Andes volcano observatory, who flew over the volcano in a helicopter, said the lava was flowing toward Cherquenco, away from Melipeuco.

Llaima previously erupted on Jan. 2. With at least 60 substantial eruptions since records began, Llaima is one of South America's most active volcanoes. It is located in the Conguillio National Park, some 650 kilometers south of Chile's capital Santiago.

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