Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Mount Kilauea's eruptions increases business for helicopter tours!

Hawaii Volcanoes National Park reported on July 9 that Mount Kilauea, on the southeastern tip of Hawaii’s Big Island, exploded late on Sunday evening causing the spectacular lava waves for tourists to enjoy. The blast is the second to hit Hawaii in less than four months, after the Halema’uma’u crater exploded in March. Such an eruption has not happened since 1924.

Travel expert, Tori Milan reports from the Big Island of Hawaii, "Now is a great time to take a Big Island helicopter tour. Tourists visiting Hawaii can make this an unforgettable vacation. Helicopter tours videotape the journey for the participants to purchase and take home. The views of the lava are currently the best they have been in decades.

Hawaii vacation rentals are the most economical way to take a Hawaii vacation."Officials in Hawaii say that the eruption isn’t causing any danger to nearby residents or tourists. The eruption follows three months of increased activity at the crater, which has been releasing sulfur dioxide gas since March. Geologists have predicted increased volcanic activity based upon the recent observations.

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