Saturday, November 29, 2008

Students learn about volcanoes through scientific experiments

Students in Vince Albanese's science class at Marco Island Charter Middle School recently completed volcanoes as part of a class project. Each class brought their created volcanic masterpieces outside, used baking soda and colored vinegar and waited for an eruption.

The kids used paper mache, plaster and foam to build the erupting mountains.Many added a personal decorative touch to their volcanoes with paint, plants, rocks and more and constructed the volcanoes around water bottles.

Baking soda was placed inside the bottles and when it was time for an eruption, the students placed their volcanoes on a table and poured vinegar into the bottle, then quickly plugged the bottle with a cork. Lastly, they wait for the baking soda-vinegar combination to react and send the cork into the air with the 'lava.'

Albanese said the chemistry lesson he hopes the students learn is that a weak acid ‹ vinegar, and a weak base ‹ baking soda, usually form a gas.

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